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Starting your own business is risky but?

Isn?t it just as risky if not more so to be working for someone else?

If you have watched the news or read a paper over the past year I am sure that you realize that we are in a recession. The facts are indisputable.

Here in the US we have had the Wall Street bailout Cheap Washington Nationals Shirts , the big 3 car companies have been to Washington with their hand out and the whole structure of the economy is changing.

The days of going to work for a company and it lasting your life time are gone. Rare is the person who has been with the same company for their whole career.

In our area when Bethlehem Steel went bankrupt quite a few people who had retired and thought they were set for their retirement lost their medical coverage completely. People who had worked for them for thirty plus years had now lost something that they were depending on.

This placed a huge burden on them and their families and they were totally unprepared for it.

Will this be happening for the Big 3? Not sure but it definitely is a huge risk for those that have retired and even more so for those that work there and are dependent upon a pension from them for their retirement. The bad part is that those companies are not alone.

It is becoming more and more common for this to happen in the new world environment.

Compare that to the risk of running your own business?

Either way you can fail and find yourself behind the eight ball but at least you have some control of your own fate with your own business.

The biggest thing that stops people from starting their own business is the costs not the risks. After all who wouldn?t want to be able to control their fate and not be at the whim of even the best companies. After all 40 years ago getting into one of the Big 3 car companies seemed like a perfect way to be set for life. Not so sure the average UAW member feels that way today.

For brick and mortar businesses the costs can be enormous. Want to start a Mc Donald?s franchise and it is a 7 figure investment. Even to start a small retail establishment can easily be into 6 figures.

That is the beauty of an online business. The costs are much less although despite what you will see from various sales letters there are costs involved.

Just as important though is that it is possible to start an online business with out giving up your current job. It also gives you access to a world wide market.

Start a store in your local community and you have a very limited reach. You are at the whim of the local economy. Despite all the bad news there are still areas of that world that are growing nicely.

For an example there is a specialty store in the next town over that makes kielbasy and is extremely well known through out the area. At the holidays when you go there to make your purchase it is not unusual to find people that have traveled 60 miles or more to get there.

They have a great reputation and a very specialized market thus their reach is probably double the average retail store.

But compare that to online where you can sell to people on the other side of the world. Their reach which seems great for a local retailer seems minuscule in comparison.

An online business can be started and become profitable with just a few monthly costs. You will need hosting, a domain name and an autoresponder.

That is all that is necessary to get started. Yes you will invest more as you grow but what business doesn?t?

So you answer the question we started with?

Is your own business really more risky than working for someone else?

So why not get started today.
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Mike Paetzold is a well known marketer and mentor. To discover more about starting a successful online business go to http:mikepaetzold and sign up for his free report -?Build Your Business?. For free video training check out http:videosforbeginners.

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2018-09-30 01:11:30



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