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#1 2019-04-11 09:27:36

Prince xelPrice on March

Sheraton Veranda
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One of the basic IPAF training programs which are very popular is the Demonstrator certificate course. This is a simple and short one day training that takes on only 4 to 6 candidates per course training. This is to enable all candidates to have enough hands-on opportunities on the available tools Cheap Jack Doyle Jersey , resources and machineries where one resource would be shared only by 2 or 3 candidates.


The IPAF Demonstrator certificate is designed to equip the candidates with the relevant skills and knowledge in handling the various machineries which would be used in a work-at-height environment.

This IPAF training course aims to provide the candidates with up-to-date information through instruction on the types of machines to be used at the work sites. There would be practical sessions and demonstrations on the operations of machines, tools and equipment.

Candidates are expected to grasp a good understanding of the latest statutory regulations as well as identifying the various types of MEWPs at different industries. Candidates would need to be familiar with the safety rules and best practices as well as the working procedures that would ensure safety and good health at the work site. They would be trained and equipped with the relevant knowledge in inspecting and operating the mobile platform machinery.

Course Content

Although the IPAF Demonstrator training is only one day long, a lot of contents can be packed into the 7-8 hours of training. One of the most important components in this course content is the health and safety regulations and legislation. There would be a listing of limitations and usage of MEWPs while identifying the various relevant controls Cheap Clayton Geathers Jersey , warning alarms and safety devices in the course content.

Candidates would learn the requirements in any daily and regular or routine inspection as well as servicing requirements of any relevant machines and tools used at the work site. The course would go through the setting up and preparation work required prior to the commencement of work as work-at-height environments carry some high risks and danger. Thus, it is imperative for good IPAF course contents to incorporate ground as well as site conditions for a safe environment at any time of the project.

Safe operating techniques need to be identified so that candidates can be equipped to apply them to avoid or reduce risks and danger.

Entry requirement

Candidates who wish to participate in this IPAF Demonstrator training must first have secured the IPAF operator certificate.
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2019-04-11 09:27:36

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