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#1 2018-02-17 06:58:49


The world of Python and module importing

Now I'm not usually one to get annoyed about the length of time it takes to figure something out, afterall this is touchdesigner, however I can't help but get frustrated at python third party modules and how I'm supposed to get them working.

Lets begin at this weeks challenge, simple enough, getting twitters 1.1 api to work with touchdesigner via python.

So I found 2 useful modules, tweepy and python twitter tools. I installed them into my python 3.2 directory and they work perfectly within my python in c now I just need to change the Environment variables to use with touch...except that these were .egg files so I exported the .egg files (as they're just zips in disguise) into folders and attempted to set PYTHONPATH joy.

As a final last ditch attempt I decided to go against all advice and bring the modules into my site-packages folder within the TouchDesigner installation folder. Hey Ho now I was no longer getting module does not exist errors, my modules were imported and working as expected.

So it turns out the new twitter API demands SSL, it's not a recommendation but an actual requirement of the 1.1 api which I'm beginning to dislike more and more. So I get a no ssl module error which I find odd as I can see the ssl module file in my touchdesigner installation and after a bit of googling it turns out that you need to compile python with ssl support...which leads to the final problem...I can't just go recompiling the python installation in my touchdesigner directory?

So now I'm pretty stumped and generally annoyed at python in general for being such a pain and I will revert to a more traditional method of using some wondrous php and websockets or osc to solve my problem.

Has anybody else had this issue?
Are there any tips for importing python modules?
What modules have you managed to get working in touchdesigner? Maybe we should compile a list with a bit of documentation on known problems etc?


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2018-02-17 06:58:49

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