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#1 2014-05-23 18:26:34


Aim financial news

DirectorsTalk is evolving into the leading social media gateway which will fill a gap presently existing between the financial world and investors. Our financial social media network is called DirectorsTalk; it is a distinctive gateway providing an information gathering location for investors, public companies, brokers, lawyers, accountants, recruiters and trainers all in one place.
How well a PLC is effectively communicating with its most critical audiences and stakeholders, is what success and liquidity will hinge on. We use all forms of media to develop opinions and create dialogue.
With fresh and exclusive content from leading CEO’s and Directors in the London Stock Exchange AIM marketplace to help articulate more clearly company objectives, news and decisions – we believe we will be able to help the private investor make more of the right decisions, faster.
AIM companies move on news, DirectorsTalk for you.
If we are not currently covering your PLC then please feel free to contacts us at with your details.
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2014-05-23 18:26:34


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Re: Aim financial news

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